"The City of Toronto has a goal of being the best place globally to start a business - events like Startup Fashion Week help connect Toronto's fashion and tech entrepreneurs, providing opportunities to network, showcase and learn from industry professionals."

Chris Rickett

Manager of Entrepreneurship Service Economic Development and Culture, City of Toronto.


2017 Schedule


The Team

Production Team

Startup Fashion Week could not be possible without the passion and devotion from our Production team. These individuals spend countless volunteer hours managing a certain portfolio to ensure the SFW event are professional and memorable. We love bringing on new talent and have seen our team grow over the years. These individuals are essentially making SFW one of Canada's most influential fashion weeks to date!

Educator, Speaker, Artist, Consultant, Speaker and Founder / Executive Producer of Startup Fashion Week. Jodi is a startup enthusiast and hopes to help improve the Fashion landscape within Canada.

Jodi Goodfellow

Executive Producer

Aimons love for fashion has led her to work in all aspects of the industry for the past 5 years ranging from backstage management to runway show production.

Aimon Syeda

Designer & Model Relations Manager

Vanessa Kiraly is a model-turned designer of her line VANIKA, photograph retoucher, and University of Toronto student that has a passion for fashion and the sciences.

Vanessa Kiraly

Model Relations

Nivan Deniz Erdogan is fashion innovator student and employer that work for the development of canadian fashion industry who has special interest in fashion photography, styling, and image consulting.

Nivan Erdogan

Photographer Manager

Connor Garel

Designer Relations PR

Ashley Meikle

PR Manager

A fashion obsessed PR professional. Interested in fashion design, as well as fashion show production.

Amelia Morris

Public Relations

Entreprenuer by Day (and Night) - Lover of all things Design x Tech x Culture

Eman Bachani

Volunteer Manager

A fashion journalism student with a love of culture, food, music, art and fashion.

Maxine McCarthy

Blog Manager

A Fashion Arts & Buisness graduate from Humber College. Looking for oppertunities in the fashion industry.

Heba Fakhir

Social Media Producer

Appreciates the aesthetics of life; from tech to travel to fashion and food

Sid Anand


A full time foodie and animal lover who is passionate about conscious consumer products and fashion that bring about social change.

Nannan Wan

Fashion Crawl Manager

Rejh Cabrera

Toronto Production Team



SFW Photographers

Over the years we have worked with many professional photographers who have repeatedly committed their time and talent to the SFW community. These individuals often go above and beyond photo shoots and event coverage; they truly provide an authentic community building experience. We are so grateful for their contributions and highly recommend their creative services.

Want to be one of the official SFW Photographers? info@startupfashionweek.com

Shayne Gray

Visit at www.shaynegray.com

Shayne Gray is an award winning independent creative commercial photographer/videographer based in Toronto, who has been widely published among top media including British Vogue, Italian Vogue, Vogue China, GQ Brazil and has been featured as a valuable established resource on CreativeLive, SLR Lounge and Retouching Academy.

Follow him on Instagram: @ShayneGrayPhotography
Email Shayne at: info@shaynegray.com

Rai Allen

Visit at www.raiallen.com/

Rai Allen is a true art lover with strong dedication for photography. A graduate from St. Lawrence College, he came to Toronto with $80, worked his way from the bottom up and within a year he got himself his very first professional studios. At the moment, Rai is considered as one of the most well-known photographers in Toronto. Presently, Rai is running his own business and is Creative Director at Swagger Magazine and Director of Operations at Swagger management.

Follow him on Instagram: @raiallen
Email Rai at:
Rai's on LinkedIn at: www.linkedin.com/in/raiallen90/

Jim Orgill

Visit at www.jimorgillphotography.com

Jim Orgill is an enthusiastic photographer with a passion for making beautiful images. His interests vary from studio fashion shoots, fitness images, and travel photography. Jim is based in Toronto but has done photo shoots across Canada, Africa and the Caribbean.

Follow him on Instagram: @jimorgill
Email Jim at: jim.orgill@rogers.com
Like him on Facebook: www.facebook.com/jimorgillphotography

Olga Hutsul

Visit at www.olgahutsulphotography.com

Shawn Goldberg

Visit at www.shawngoldberg.com

Shawn Goldberg is a Toronto-based photographer. He shoots portraits, movie sets, live music, events, red carpets, and print. For fun, he travels the world with his wife and step-son.

Follow him on Instagram: @shawngoldberg
Email Shawn at: info@shawngoldberg.com

Jowel Villa

Jowel is a Mississauga based photographer who specializes in portrait, event, and wedding photography.

Email Jowel at: Jospevi@yahoo.ca



We are passionate about providing our models with professional experiences, which offer recognition, credibility, new Industry connections, and portfolio building. We host an open call for auditions and welcome individuals to attend regardless of experience.
Our team is capable of recognizing and identify new talent; we carefully select models who best suit the needs of our Designer participants. Many of our alumni models have since participated in other Fashion Weeks or successfully worked in the Industry.

Casting for Models will begin in August. Please check back to stay up to date on our 2017 Toronto Week Models!







Runway Participants

Wearable Tech Runway Participants

Fashion-Tech Startup Presenters