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Media is a big part of Startup Fashion Week. We get a lot of interest from Media to connect with our Speakers, Designers, Executive Producer, Wearable Tech and other participants to conduct interviews before during and after the event. It is our pleasure to make connections with Media and it is important to provide the most accurate and up to date information. We encourage Media to take a look at the presentation deck provided below. For any further inquiries please feel free to contact the following:

Ashley Meikle

Toronto PR Manager -

Jodi Goodfellow

SFW Founder and Toronto Executive Producer -

Rashi Bindra

Montreal Executive Producer -

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Media Accreditation

Media Accreditation

Startup Fashion Week welcomes Photographers and Media to attend our events for the purpose of providing coverage. We want to help our curated Startups have as much potential reach as possible and are so thankful for all of the support of our Media Partners.

We get a lot of applications from media sources and this process allows us to vet through applicants to ensure credibility of those who will in fact provide coverage. This system also keeps us organized because we want every seat filled at each event and hold our Media guests accountable for each event that they request to attend since we have limited Media seats.

Regardless if you have covered our events in the past, we ask that you go through the process each year and appreciate your time in doing so.

We reserve a limited number of seats for media at our events and also must determine who requires access to the media pit at our runway show. Therefore, we kindly ask that all media (journalists, photographers, bloggers, influencers etc.) apply for accreditation to our events. An invite will be given to accredited media within a week of the events.

Media Coverage

Media Coverage